Långdistansträning Paradiset (04/09/2021)
Category: Training
Map/area: Göteborg
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long
Every year it is extremely tough to run in this terrain at the end of the summer. But it was nice and I was happy with my orienteering until control 6. Then I got a little bit lazy and started to plan less, which is why I was running not really straight to control 7 and 8. To control 10 I was not orienteering at all on the first part of the route, which is why I came a little bit too far to the left. To control 11 I was obviously not checking the compass and came far too much to the south. Maybe I was that lazy with my orienteering because it was too slow and not serious enough, but I'm still satisfied with the training.
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Långdistansträning Paradiset (04/09/2021) Långdistansträning Paradiset (04/09/2021)