WC Idrejfäll Relay (15/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gränjåsen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1
Really goog start for me. Punched my control 1 first and was then in the middle of the field because the other first controls were a little bit shorter. But to control 5 I had no control. I was tired in my head and more following than reading the map. I saw a lot of guys and thought also that I have to see them punching a control. But I saw no runner punching a control, so I thought they have the same as I and I can continue following. But I stopped too late and was already far too much down. I did not realise that I was so tired and had no control, which could have helped for preventing a mistake. After that big mistake I was alone and had to do my own race. I was far behind and had no chance. Of course, it would have been nearly impossible to come out of the forest with the fastest guys because I am physically worse than most of the guys, but even though I have to realise when to stop and to take the time I need. Disappointed about my race and about my physical shape, even though it is completely natural that I am not better right now.
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WC Idrejfäll Relay (15/08/2021) WC Idrejfäll Relay (15/08/2021)