SM Medel Kval (27/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skogså
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
Big big disappointment! Felt quite okay and had good speed in the beginning. But then two small unclean routes to control 3 and 4 led already to one minute mistake. To control 6 a saw a stone which was not on the map, so I thought I have to correct the direction. To control 7, bad luck or maybe uncertainty from the control before, I don't know, but I was nearly at the control but did not see the flag. After control 7 already really frustrated. To control 9 then, good speed, but unclean execution of the plan, which led to an even bigger mistake, Additionally, I saw a vegetation boundary and thought suddenly that I am maybe under the red line. I followed the boundary but found no stone with my control. Control 10 and 12 are another story. Today, I lost a lot of time inside the ring, but the mistake always started before the ring on the route. I was losing control and had then not the confidence and certainty to be right. Of course, with luck I see the control, but today I was not seeing them and was punished for the bad orienteering. I don't think that it was just this single race, which was bad, I see a pattern in nearly all my races since the injury. So, I will try to get back to steady training as soon as possible and will try to fix the problems.
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SM Medel Kval (27/08/2021) SM Medel Kval (27/08/2021)