WC Idrefjäll Middle (14/08/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gränjåsen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
Very difficult terrain and the rainy weather together with the wet terrain made it not easier at all. Even though, I should be happy that I could run, that I had a place in the World Cup and no injury, I am not really happy. I did a lot of mistakes, had no feeling for the high, if I run down, up, or straight and how much. So, I have to analyse this a little bit mor later.
Physically was good. I can not expect to be able to follow the really fast guys after my long injury, so I should also be happy with my physical performance.
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WC Idrefjäll Middle (14/08/2021) WC Idrefjäll Middle (14/08/2021)