Bikopsgården Natt-O (13/11/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: S Bikopsgården
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Night-O
Oh shit, that was catastrophic! Ok, I must admit I ran with the smallest light my headlamp has and I knew that this will be difficult in this terrain, but that it will be so bad ... that was frustrating. I felt really unsafe with my compass and had also problems with the direction. I definitely have to improve my o-skills in general and especially my night-o-skills. By the way, the best thing happened to control 15, where I saw a small water place and because I nearly followed already a other yellow hill and my decreased self-confidence due to all the other mistakes, I started to question myself and had the thought to be on the hill much more to the east. To be sure I ran straight to the west and when I came down to the path, I realised two things. The first one and good one was, that I was not completely wrong and that I'm not a hopeless case, but on the other hand that I did a really stupid and unnecessary thing. But hey, I can only get better ...
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Bikopsgården Natt-O (13/11/2020) Bikopsgården Natt-O (13/11/2020)